How the Seating Works at the Paris Summer Games 2024

Paul here from the On Point Events Team and welcome to another short video with some insights on how the seating works at the Paris Summer Games in 2024 and some things to consider when selecting your seats. The Olympic Committee has designated seating at each stadium into 4 separate seating categories (Category A, B, C, and D). Not all venues are going to have all four categories. And Every Olympic Venue will be set up differently depending on the event. So what I am about to go through is generally how the Categories map to seat locations in the venue.


See this diagram so you can see an example of what a venue might look like, and how the seating works. Category C and D will be your Entry level seating to the event. Generally located on the ends either upper or lower level. Category B is Generally located in the corners of the stadium either upper or lower level. Category A will typically be the best seating at the Summer Games but it is also the broadest category. Generally located along the sidelines of the venue, either upper or lower level. So for the most discerning sports fan, we’ve come up with a Premium Category A  – These are Category A seats located in the most prime areas of the stadium, along the sidelines and in the lower level. This category may not be available for all Events.

Two Most Important Things to consider in selecting seats: Number one: Type of event you are watching. Table Tennis is a smaller venue, but they are playing on a small table in the middle of the venue with just two people. So in this instance, it may make more sense to get the better seating category, so you’re close to all the action. Versus an event like baseball and opening ceremony, where you can get away with sitting farther back for a better vantage view point. Number two is size of venue. The Bercy Arena which will be used for Gymnastics and Basketball Finals has about a 15,000 capacity, so it’s a fairly small venue with categories A, B, and C. That’s the type of venue where you can’t really go wrong with a Category C seat, versus the Stade De France to watch the  Track & Field events with a 77,000 person stadium where if you’re sitting all the way up at the top of the stadium, it’ll be a bit harder to follow all of the action that happens on the field.

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