Demystifying Official vs Non-Official Resellers

A question we sometimes get from customers is: Are you an official ticket agent or reseller for this event?

Over the past few years in the Sports Travel Industry, there has been a move by certain Tour Operators to strike licensing deals with Event Organizers like the Summer Games, Kentucky Derby, World Cup and others. The goal was to obtain an Official Reseller Status. These Tour Operators will often publicly make the claim that this “Official” status is a major differentiator and is the reason why consumers should only buy from them.

Their message seems logical enough…Buy from the Official Reseller to ensure you get official tickets and travel packages. However, some will even go as far as strike fear in consumers by insinuating that the secondary market resellers are untrustworthy, lack integrity, and that any ticket procured from someone other than an official reseller may be fake and may not provide entry to the event.

This messaging is all of course very self-serving. To help clear up what purchasing packages and tickets from a Non-Official Reseller means, we put this short video together.

On Point Events is not the official reseller or agency for any of the events we offer. The reason is simple. Being Official, comes with several constraints that are simply not conducive to our clients and how we do business.

First constraint is Geographical. As the official reseller for the NFL, FIFA or the Olympics, you are only allowed to sell to clients within your country. Since On Point Events services clients worldwide, that kind of geographical sales restriction simply wouldn’t work for us.

Second constraint is lack of flexibility. Official resellers are usually constrained by an Event Organizer’s rules regarding what combination of tickets and travel product they can sell. This leaves very little room for customization. While this may be the right answer for some clients, who are “just happy to be at the event”, this constraint simply does not work for a corporate incentive group or an experienced luxury traveler who wants to customize an experience into something truly unique and memorable. A good example of this lack of flexibility in practice can be found with some of the Official Resellers for the Olympics where they will bundle certain events and hotel product together, forcing clients to buy tickets that they don’t need in order to get tickets to events they really want.

The third constraint is Product Availability. As the Official reseller you can only sell tickets allocated to you by the event organizer. Therefore, when tickets to a certain high demand events or tickets in a premium section of the stadium are no longer officially available, the official reseller is unauthorized to service their clients even if tickets to those events or sections are readily available elsewhere.

On Point Events has long standing relationships with Corporate Sponsors, Federations, National Organizing Committees, Sports Agents, Players and Coaches that all get allotments of tickets to the various events we cover. As a non-official reseller, we can leverage all of these relationships to get our clients the access they really want, even when that access is sold out through the official reseller channels.

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Unless stated otherwise on this website, On Point Events is not the official box office for any of the sports and entertainment tickets listed. Additionally, we are not affiliated with ANY of the sports or entertainment properties, the sports and entertainment events themselves or any of the event venues listed on this site. We are an independent sports and entertainment tour operator and ticket broker that specializes in providing sports and entertainment travel packages and tickets to high demand events worldwide. Any use of trademarked terms on any pages of our website is used solely for descriptive purposes.

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