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Business Men at starting lineCorporate incentives and rewards are more motivating, produce greater results and are more memorable when it involves an experience that the recipient would never or could never do on their own. A successful experiential Incentive/Reward is aligned with something that the recipient actually cares or gets excited about and has what we call the “Wow” element to it… something exceptional that turns a regular experience into a once in a lifetime experience!

Imagine the excitement and glamour as you walk down the red carpet at an exclusive “by invitation only” Oscar Viewing party. Experience the exhilaration of witnessing AFC and NFC champion teams duke it out at the Super Bowl. If you could offer your customers and employees the opportunity to partake in this or other unique experiences – imagine the possibilities! Experiential Incentive and Recognition Programs which provide participants with an opportunity to win something that they would not necessarily experience on their own are proven to achieve that very goal.

Using Sports, Entertainment and other unique Travel Experiences as an Incentive is one of the most powerful methods of attracting business, retaining profitable clientele, increasing profits, enhancing product awareness and improving employee productivity. When people are brought together for a memorable event, they come together as one all sharing in the same excitement and experience.

On Point’s Incentive Programs and Services offers a turnkey approach to attending and entertaining at the most sought after experiences. We have developed a vast array of programs and services to answer the needs of the corporate client and the dreams of the individual sports and entertainment fan.

The Wow Experience! Reward Program